Our major product, Cindex™, is the foremost software tool for professional indexers, enabling them to produce the finest indexes in virtually any format with remarkable efficiency and speed. Cindex™ is available for Windows and for Mac. We also supply specialized software for converting formatted index documents into forms that can be worked on by indexing programs.

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We index works of all sizes, ranging from short monographs to major texts and academic journals. We cover a range of disciplines, but have special expertise in clinical and basic medical sciences, in the biological sciences, and in historical records.

When you need to revise an index that exists only in printed form, or as a formatted document produced by a word processing program or typesetting system, use our conversion service to have it transformed into text that you can import directly into an index that you prepare with Cindex™ or another indexing program.
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Find and attend CINDEX™ workshops/presentations associated with the following indexing conferences:

April 2, 2016: Seattle, WA — ANZSI Group Meeting, Sydney Australia
Join us for a round-table discussion of CINDEX matters of interest to you.

April 27 2016: Webinar —Tips on using CINDEX to increase your productivity
See American Society for Indexing (ASI) website for details.

June 16-18 2016: Chicago, IL —Joint ASI & ISC/SCI Conference
We will be present and available for consultations throughout the conference.
On Saturday June 18, 3:00–4:30pm, join Maria Sullivan for Index File Submission with CINDEX™.  Ensure success with the correct choice of file format from CINDEX, including a review of the differences between basic file types and when each is appropriate for your client.

September 13, 2016: Birmingham, UK— Society of Indexers (SI) AGM and Conference
We plan to attend this meeting and be available to our CINDEX users.  If you have interest in a CINDEX session and demo before or after the official SI proceedings please contact us at support@indexres.com

For information about what's new in Cindex 3 see our Fact Sheet or take a look at our video.