We index works of all sizes, ranging from short monographs to major texts and academic journals. We cover a range of disciplines, but have special expertise in clinical and basic medical sciences, in the biological sciences, and in historical records. For an indication of the scope of our activities, see our current list of clients below.

With the assistance of the latest software programs, experienced indexers prepare index entries from page proofs supplied by publishers. We do not use automatic indexing methods, which are incapable of generating high-quality indexes. We can provide an index formatted in virtually any style.

We supply finished indexes in a variety of forms: as electronic documents for typesetting or word-processing programs, delivered via the internet; as camera-ready copy; as simple text printout. We provide custom markup for typesetting.

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Index Data Conversion

When you need to revise an index that exists only in printed form, or as a formatted document produced by a word processing program or typesetting system, use this conversion service to have it transformed into text that you can import directly into an index that you prepare with Cindex™ or another indexing program.

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Past & Present Clients

Humanities: Scholarly Texts, Textbooks, & Journals; Reference Works; Administrative Manuals

  • Cambridge University Press
  • Historical Society of Pennsylvania
  • Maine Historical Society
  • Monroe County, NY – Legislative Proceedings
  • Oxford University Press
  • Princeton Editorial Associates
  • Rochester City Historian - Rochester History Journal
  • South Carolina Historical Society
  • Teachers College Press
  • Tom Conville Publishing Services

Medical & Scientific Texts

  • Elsevier Science
  • Icon Learning Systems
  • Kaplan Medical
  • Nesbitt Graphics Inc.
  • Print Matters Inc.
  • Thieme Medical Publishers

Trade Books

  • AdventureKEEN
  • DK Publishing
  • Guideposts
  • Martha Stewart Omnimedia
  • theBookDesigners
Indexing Research
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